Conference Handouts

Please print or upload the handouts for the sessions you are attending.  Remember you can always print in black ink and can set your printer to print more than one slide per page.  If you don't see the handout you need that is because we haven't received it from the speaker yet.  We will continue to add handouts as we receive them from speakers.

Thursday, March 22nd

8:30-11:45 am

Phiilip Menard and Angelica Taylor: Practical Strategies for Autism: Helping and Families Maximize Outcomes

9:30-10:30 am
Amanda Lake and Steven Mandley: Moving Beyond Co-Treatment: Partnering with Physical Therapy for Successful Client Outcomes

9:30-11:00 am
Katie Strong, Linda Wells, Julianne Brinkman,
Rehabilitation Stories: Building Communicative Competence

9:30-11:30 am
Erin Kreger: Mindfulness in Education: Benefits of Whole-Group Mindfulness Instruction for General and Special Education Students

Ramya Konnai:
A Systemic Review of Assistive Wearable Devices for Improving Speech in Individuals with Parkinson's Disease
Handout #2 
Video Female #1
Video Female #2
Video Male #1
Video Male #2


1:00-4:15 pm
Mark DeRuiter: The Supervisor Tookit

Yvette Hyter et al: The Effects of Complex Trauma and Alcohol Exposure: The Brain, Language and Skills for Daily Living
Handout #1 Henry
Handout #2 Suarz
Handout #3 Hyter and Ciolino
Handout #4  Sloane

1:00-3:00 pm
J. Scott Yaruss: Minimizing Bullying for Children Who Stutter

Carolyn Brindo and Rachel Maxbauer: Did You See That? Interesting Modified Barium Swallow Studies

6:30-8:30 pm
Lisa Gigliotti and Leslie Simons:
Pain Management Issues for the Healthcare Professional

Friday, March 23rd 

8:30-11:45 am
Michelle Garcia Winner Part 1: 
Zooming in on Practical Strategies for Teaching Concrete Learners (Handouts will not be available after March 30, 2018)

Debjani Mukherjee:
Empathy and Compassion in Rehabilitation

J. Scott Yaruss: Early Childhood Stuttering Therapy: A Practical Approach

Kerry Winget: Teeth, Missing Teeth and Mastication 

9:45-11:45 am
Pablo Antonia Ysunza
: Munchausen's Stridor: A Fictitious Disorder? Controversies and Conundrums to Paradoxical Vocal Fold Motion Disorder (PVFMD)

1:30-4:45 pm
Michelle Garcia Winner Part 2: 
Zooming in on Practical Strategies for Teaching Concrete Learners  (Handouts will not be available after March 30, 2018)

Jeffrey Searl, Parkinson's Disease Update on Communication Changes and Interventions

1:30-3:30 pm
Karen Tibbs: "Pierce" Functional Screening
Handout #1
Handout #2
Handout #3

Handout #4
Handout #5

2:45-4:45 pm
Ellen Fagan and Laura Lenkey: MSHA and ASHA Collaborating to Advance Interprofessional Education and Practice
Fagen and LenkeyHandout #2 
Fagen and Lenkey Handout #3 

Saturday, March 24th

8:30-11:45 am
Nancy Swigert Part 1: Ethics: Applying Principles in Practice and Managing Dysphagia

Marlene Cummings Part 1: Getting Started: Core Vocabulary AAC and Language

Stacy Vondra, Rebecca Swallow and Melinda Waffle: Breakout EDU: A Multidisciplinary and Cross-Curricular Approach to Intervention

Janell Wilson, Classroom-Based Therapy: A Collection of Take Aways

1:30-4:45 pm

Nancy Swigert Part 2: Tips, Techniques & Tools for Managing Dysphagia in Children

Marlene Cummings Part 2: All Day Long: Core Vocabulary, AAC and Language

Michele Weerts: Compelling Case Studies and Research: PROMPT in Action 

Medical Forum Lunch Handout