Benefits of joining MSHA

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Types of Membership
NOTE: You must apply at the highest level that you are eligible.
Active Membership
Is available to those holding the equivalent of a Master's degree or greater, with major emphasis in speech-language pathology, audiology, or the speech and hearing sciences, or the equivalent of a Master's degree or greater, and present evidence of active research, interest and performance in the field of human communication.
Associate Membership 
Is available to those holding Bachelor's degrees in the speech, language or hearing fields, or in education of the hearing impaired.
Affiliate Membership 
Is an option available to those interested in affiliating with the Association, or who may be currently unemployed in the speech and hearing professions.
Advocate Membership 
Is for those persons NOT in the speech/language/hearing profession or allied fields. Parents or caregivers and adult consumers that have an interest in the goals of MSHA as it serves the needs of persons with communication impairments are eligible. The annual fee is $15.00.
Life Membership 
Is granted to those members who have retired from the profession after a minimum of 10 years of professional service and who have held Active membership for a minimum of 10 years. Candidates may be proposed by any member of MSHA or self-proposed. Waiver of dues will be made for this membership category and voting privileges are maintained.
Student Membership 
Is available to full-time students in speech, language and hearing programs.
Member Benefits
MSHA was formed in 1939 with 52 members. Today, this membership has grown to well over 1,400 members who work as speech-language pathologists, audiologists and teachers of the hearing impaired in a variety of work settings in every part of Michigan.
MSHA sponsors Continuing Education (CE) opportunities to members at our MSHA annual conference and through other scheduled professional programs such as the Health Care Committee's Biennial Fall Workshop.
The annual conference, for which reduced rates are offered to members, features courses, workshops and poster sessions by local and nationally recognized experts in speech-language pathology and audiology. It is an excellent forum for information exchange and professional networking.
Members have access to the website and receive the online newsletter et cetera quarterly.
Other membership benefits include an employment information service, employs a lobbyist, provides updates on legislative issues, and networking opportunities that link members to related professional organizations in Michigan and the United States.