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MSHA is pleased to announce that per Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan / Blue Care Network, speech-language pathology services are reimbursable when delivered via telemedicine.

BCBSM/BCN’s current Telemedicine policy is available through the Provider Portal on their website. While SLPs are not explicitly listed, we have been assured, verbally and in writing, our services are included under this policy.

Services delivered must be within the scope of practice of the provider, and all documentation requirements must be met in terms of quality and completeness. The location of service should be 02 (telehealth). BCBSM/BCN has stated that they will pay the same rate as an in person visit. This policy holds for both PPO and HMO plans, as well as commercial and Medicare Advantage populations. 

Licensure Information

All Speech-Language Pathologists in Michigan need to be licensed by December 7, 2013.  Applications are available on the LARA website at,4601,7-154-27417_27529_53664---,00.html

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