Advisory Assembly

To serve as a part of the Advisory Assembly of the Michigan Speech-Language-Hearing Association, in order to provide the Executive Board with input and feedback regarding member concerns so that the Executive Board may develop policies, procedures and regulations which meet the needs of speech-language pathologists and audiologist members.


Attend regularly scheduled committee meetings (at least three per year) or additional meetings as deemed necessary to complete duties of the committee. Said meetings will be held at a site and time agreed upon by the majority of committee members.  In addition to these meetings, the committee chair will meet with the Executive Board three times per year.  Participate actively in committees business and activities and attend, support and participate in special association events.

It is recommended that the committee consist of at least 3 members in addition to the chair, however, the committee may consist of fewer members if it is deemed by the committee chair that the work of the committee can be accomplished with fewer than the recommended number of committee members. Committee members are to be solicited by the committee chair with the goal of increasing involvement of MSHA members in committee activities.

The Committee Chair shall be appointed by the Executive Board after direct solicitation of said member or by self-identification and shall serve for two years, beginning at the conclusion of the annual conference and ending at the conclusion of the annual conference 2 years later.

Committee for Communications and Networking
Committee on Continuing Professional Development
Committee for Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion
Committee on Ethics and Standards
Committee for SLP Healthcare
Committee for SLP Public Schools
Committee for Student Affairs
Committee for Private Practice

Current Advisory Assembly Members
Description of Advisory Assembly Positions

Committee Descriptions