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As of December 7, 2013 all Speech-Language Pathologists in Michigan will need to be licensed.  To begin the process please see the LARA website at:,4601,7-154-27417_27529_53664---,00.html 

Licensure Information:

You can easily track your file by checking the online checklist at Use your customer number and instructions that you will receive approximately 3 weeks after receipt of your application.

To verify a license
Licensure Requirement Checklist
LARA License FAQs
If a licensee has already had a Criminal Background Check (CBC) and fingerprints pursuant to MCL 333.16174(3) the licensee would not need to obtain another CBC, fingerprints again for licensure of a different health profession that we regulate.

Change of Address or Name
SLP Licensure Board
Administrative Rules

How Many and How to Earn CPDs/CEUs 
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FAQs Regarding MiPlus Transition

Changes to SLP License Renewal

The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) is moving to a new online licensing and regulatory database for health and occupational professionals, called Michigan Professional Licensing User System (MiPLUS). 

The tentative launch date for Phase 3a of the new system has been MOVED TO AUGUST 25, 2020 from the original date of July 28, 2020.  

Please  do not attempt to create or register for a MiPLUS account until after August 25, 2020. Doing so will negatively impact your ability to interact with the system as it will require you to contact LARA to correct your account.

In order to allow time for migration of current licensing records into the new system, LARA will be unable to process license applications, license renewals, or changes to licenses between August 3, 2020 and August 25, 2020. 

If you have additional questions or concerns regarding the transition, please do not hesitate to contact LARA at 517-241-0199 or email

As LARA gets closer to the launch date, they will be posting additional information specific to the profession on our MiPLUS website (

Continuing education for renewal or relicensure

Speech-Language Pathologists will need to earn their first set of 20 CPD / 1 CPD in pain and symptom management during the cycle that begins in 2017 for those that renewed your license in 2017.  If you renew your license in 2018 your first cycle will begin in 2018. They will have their first set of 20 CPD / 1 CPD in pain and symptom management completed prior to their renewal for the 2019 cycle (or 2020 for those renewing in 2018). .1 ASHA CEU is equivalent to 1.0 CPD for licensure purposes.

Beginning with the 2018 renewal cycle, and all renewal cycles thereafter, licensees much have completed training in identifying victims of human trafficking that meet the standards established in Administrative R338.621, 338.623, 338.627, 338.629 in order to renew their license. Beginning in 2021, individuals seeking initial licensure must have completed human trafficking training prior to obtaining a license as a Speech-Language Pathologist. Licensees, or individuals seeking licensure, must complete the training in identifying victims of human trafficking only one time. The Department may select an audit sample and request documentation of proof of completion of the training.

We are pleased to provide you with the information below regarding classes/seminars on Human Trafficking and Pain Management.  Please note that this is for information only and does not imply endorsement or a qualitative recommendation.  MSHA will offer both classes at our Annual Conference, March 19-21, 2020 at the MotorCity Hotel and Conference Center in Detroit.

Human Trafficking

Pain Management

Do you have a  question about licensure?  Please direct all questions pertaining to licensure to LARA at