Licensure Applications

As of December 7, 2013 all Speech-Language Pathologists in Michigan will need to be licensed.  To begin the process please see the LARA website at:,4601,7-154-27417_27529_53664---,00.html 

Licensure Information:

You can easily track your file by checking the online checklist at Use your customer number and instructions that you will receive approximately 3 weeks after receipt of your application.

To verify a license
LARA License FAQs
If a licensee has already had a Criminal Background Check (CBC) and fingerprints pursuant to MCL 333.16174(3) the licensee would not need to obtain another CBC, fingerprints again for licensure of a different health profession that we regulate.

SLP Licensure Board
Administrative Rules

Contact LARA

Do you have a  question about licensure?  Please direct all questions pertaining to licensure to LARA at