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Introduction to SLI as a Primary  Disability                                                                                                                         Michigan Speech-Language Guidelines



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The introduction to SLI as a Primary Disability discusses test selection on pages 5 and 6. This addendum is meant to add information to that section of this document. Michigan Rule 340.1710 includes the requirement for testing in part 3(b).
       Test results on not less than 2 standardized assessment instruments or    
       2 subtests designed to determine language functioning which 
       Indicate inappropriate language functioning for the student’s age.

As discussed thus far, it is important that SLPs investigate the sensitivity and specificity evidence from the publisher for any test under consideration. It is also important that the SLP use the instrument in the same way that the publisher attained the validity data. In the event that the publisher reports only test composite validity data, then it is only the test composites that can be used with confidence.

Although the Michigan rule mentions the use of subtests, subtests can only be used independently if there is adequate data showing the validity of that subtest to be used on its own. In most cases, this means that it is only the composite test scores that will be used as evidence of a disability under Rule 340.1710.












10/2010                                                                                                                                                                                                        SLI-13 Addendum