2019-2020 MSHA Ethics Committee Members

Chelsea Ozuch, Chair
J. Scott Yarus
Jaimie Coucke

Are you wondering if your next step is ethical according the ASHA or MSHA Code of Ethics?  Are you concerned about an ethical question related to your work?  The MSHA Committee on Ethics can assist you.  Our role is to provide education, discussion, or resources for you to consider.   If you have a question regarding professional ethics you can use the MSHA Committee on Ethics Consult Form.  No Identifying information is required except the method by which you'd like to receive a reply.  You may send your completed consult request to the Committee at

Please note we are not a place to file a complaint or report.  If you have significant concern about a colleague you should report them to the ASHA Ethics Board at or the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

Updated Issues in ASHA Ethics 

Beginning with the 2020–2022, ASHA certification maintenance interval, ASHA certificate holders will have to earn one of their 30 required certification maintenance hours (CMHs) in Ethics.  MSHA is pleased to announce that we will be offering 1-hour class on General Ethics that will fulfill this new requirement at the 2020 Annual MSHA Conference, March 19-21, 2020 at the MotorCity Hotel and Conference Center in Detroit

Need more practical information about the ASHA Code of Ethics? Look no further than the Issues in Ethics statements (IESs) written by the Board of Ethics. These statements are now being updated to be consistent with theCode of Ethics (2016). More than 10 of the 18 IESs have been revised so far, with the rest coming over the next several months.
Members and certificate holders can benefit from the additional analysis and guidance that an IES provides; however, an IES doesn't absolutely prohibit or require specified activity—the facts and circumstances surrounding a matter of concern will determine whether the activity is ethical.
Updated topics include the following:

Questions? Contact ASHA Ethics at


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