Collaborative Efforts with ASHA

Collaborative Efforts between ASHA and ASHA Recognized State Speech-Language-Hearing Associations  

ASHA collaborates with state speech-language-hearing associations (SSLHA*) to assist them in meeting the needs of their membership through
  ASHA and Recognized SSLHAs Communications

ASHA’s state advocacy team facilitates interaction between ASHA and SSLHAs by serving as liaisons, each designated for four regions of the United States as well as the Overseas Association. State advocacy liaisons provide information and assistance on legislative, regulatory, and association administrative issues through regular contact by conference calls, e-mail, and onsite assistance. Information helpful to SSLHAs is also available on the State-by-State section of ASHA’s website at Each SSLHAs link includes contact information for SSLHA, state governments, and regulatory agencies. There are also summaries on the characteristics of licensure laws; teacher requirements; support personnel laws and regulations; and hearing aid dispensing requirements for audiologists.
Additionally, SSLHAs may use various communication systems to relay information to ASHA and to assist in the promotion and publication of SSLHAs activities by ASHA. 
Communication opportunities may include:
 Benefits, Opportunities, and Resources

A variety of ASHA benefits, opportunities, and resources are available to SSLHAs.
Opportunities  Resources
State liaisons, through conference calls, webinars and onsite support as part of the State Outreach Initiative provide:
Other useful resources include:
  1. State Education Advocacy Leaders (SEALs) to facilitate information exchange on state education issues
  2. State Advocates for Reimbursement (STARs) to advocate with legislators, state insurance commissioners, health plans, unions, employers, and Medicaid officials on matters related to private healthcare plans and Medicaid reimbursement and coverage for audiology and speech-language pathology services
  3. State Medicare Administrative Contractors (SMACs) to enhance communication and to perpetuate the advocacy and leadership of ASHA members in administrative and policy decisions that influence Medicare coverage, reimbursement, and delivery of speech-language pathology services and audiology services
SSLHAs Recognition

ASHA assures that it shares common purposes and membership requirements with SSLHAs through a formal recognition process. In addition to the above programs and resources, ASHA-recognized SSLHAs may:
Recognition Renewal
When applying for ASHA recognition renewal, SSLHAs must provide ASHA with the following information: